There is no denying the fact that creativity is king when it comes to writing poems, novels, songs, and other literary works. However, it is a skill you must continually polish to stay on top of your game as a writer. Many times, you will experience writer’s block and struggle to get inspiration. But what if I told you that your writing room decor can be your greatest source of inspiration, creativity, and even insight? Let’s take a look at a few wall design examples that can keep your creative juices flowing.

Bring Nature into Your Space

Perhaps you have spent the better part of your time in town. To pen a creative poem, you may want to leave your urban surroundings and shift to a quiet place upcountry. However, this idea may not be practical all the time but you can simply install a simple nature-themed wallpaper on your writing room wall. If you’re looking to find such a wallpaper, then you can visit and choose from their seemingly endless collection. From pieces featuring landscapes and forests to animals, flowers, seas, and lakes, there is everything for every writer. At, you can also find wallpapers with marine life, mountains, and insects.

Use Musical Wall Art

While some writers love earphones, they find it hard to indulge in the tones and notes of the music they’re listening to. How about hanging a portrait of your favourite musician, instrument, or music quote on the walls of your room? Yes, a track you wrote in your childhood can relive those memories, triggering your mind into writing new ideas.

Create a Library Wall

Since writing and reading are two sides of the same coin, you can adorn your creative room with book-inspired gallery walls. For instance, hanging picture frames with your favourite magazines is a great way to ensure you get insights from them when in need.