Creative writing is a subjective pursuit and a skill you eternally polish on but often seems like a hurdle when starting. Many times you will struggle to get inspiration, whether you are writing an essay or a new novel.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Writing Space

The first step to stimulate your imagination is finding a creative writing space. But why do you need such a space? It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment with little or no spare room. Designing a creative room offers several advantages:

  • Keeping books organized instead of spreading them everywhere in the living room
  • It can be your natural retreat when you are feeling low
  • It encourages creativity
  • Gives household members a sense of responsibility
  • A perfect place to reduce screen time

Did you know that your study room d├ęcor can be your greatest source of insights? Here are some wall designs to consider if you want to add more inspiration to your creative writing.

A Library Wall Around Windows

What do you have around the window of your home library? Because writing and reading are inseparable, consider book-inspired gallery walls to adorn your creative room. A gallery of artwork around the windows is a great way to make your wall space usable where the ceiling is angled. Hang some picture frames with magazines you love to read. Keep them close to your desk so you can view them whenever you want to look something up for insights.


You have probably spent most of your time in the city. To jot down a creative article, it would help if you left the normal surroundings and find a quiet place in the countryside. While it may not be a practical idea all the time, you can add simple wallpapers featuring nature to your study room. Look for portraits with beautiful landscapes, insects, wildlife, marine life, or mountains. Nature designs can be a powerful source of creative energy during the days you are feeling a bit inattentive.

Musical Wall Art

Some writers shove speakers into the ears but they hardly indulge in the notes and tones of the music playing. But hanging music quotes, instrument drawings, or favorite musician photos on the wall can trigger the mind with new writing ideas. A written track from your childhood could bring back memories related to that music as if it is happening now. Thinking back to the earlier days fills the mind with raw emotions which you can reapply to your novel. Remember that captivating write-ups make the readers think by touching their emotions.

No matter the size of your writing space, there is always room to decorate. You can set it up in a way that resonates with your home interior. Just make sure you know the themes you need to be pinned to your walls. You can even cover all the walls with journals or come up with twists on how they write. Just looking at other people’s works could inspire you with a fresh idea.