Getting young people to read literature in this digital age is one of the many challenges faced by parents. Young people these days prefer to have their faces glued to their electronic devices and quite honestly, not many of them cherish the idea of curling up with a good book like people did back in the day. If you are a parent who wishes their children would devour the beautiful words that make up literary books, the good news is that it is possible. Young people, including teenagers, can be made to fall in love with reading. If you are wondering how, then keep scrolling.

Start When They Are Young

Parents always make the mistake of assuming they will be able to quickly turn things around and introduce children to books at any age. It becomes progressively harder if they do not grow up in a reading culture. Start as soon as the child can comprehend basic stories, and then grow their interests as they get older. You should also read for them from

diverse sources of literature, so that they appreciate different cultures being developed.

Share Your Experience

As the children get older and you start introducing them to other works of literature, share your own experiences. Tell them about the books that you read when you were their age, and how those books shaped you. You can either give them some of the literary works that you read in the past or get them to choose some of the books that they want to read. Read some of the books together and have further discussions when you are done.

Embrace Technology

If the young people are not open to books in physical form, let them read e-books. There are many interesting books that can be accessed in digital platforms. As long as they are reading, that is what matters. Remind them of the benefits of reading literature, such as how it improves vocabulary and opens up new worlds.