The University of Sussex conducted research in 2009, which proved that reading books can minimize stress by 68%. This means that it is an effective relaxation method that beats other ways, such as drinking hot tea. It is the perfect way to improve the quality of your life since it also makes you smarter.

You might face several challenges when meeting your reading goals. Examples include being distracted continuously and getting bored quickly. This, however, should not deter you from reading as many books as you can. The following tips could be handy.

Select Great Books

This is among the most essential things you should do to achieve your reading goals. Remember that you are not only choosing fantastic books but also those that you delight in reading. This is where your personal taste comes in. Which book genres do you like most? If you love fantasy books, choose the best ones you can find; it is the only way to enjoy yourself and read more.

Buy Necessary Equipment or Devices

Reading can be much easier if you have the right devices or equipment to motivate you. For instance, if you are forgetful, consider purchasing a smartwatch to remind you when it’s time to read.

You can also get a quality desk lamp to help you read late at night or when there is a power outage. Be cautious when selecting the lamp to avoid spending your money on a poor quality one. You can always visit because they have a great selection of high-quality desk lamps.

Create a Great Reading Environment

It can be extremely challenging to read when you are in the wrong environment. Hence, create the right atmosphere for reading. Do away with distractions such as music and movies. You can also switch off your phone when you’re reading. It might also help if you are alone unless your company is also reading.

As you already know, reading books is a highly beneficial activity. Do it often during your leisure time. The tips above can help you and are worth considering.