If a writer is lucky enough to attain a high level of success they may be able to write from an office outside of the home. However, this tends to be financially restrictive for most amateur authors. As a result they will work from home.

There are many factors to consider to make these kinds of writing environments as effective as possible. The first step is to remove any distracting elements. Once this is done the person can place items in the room that aid their work. For some authors it may be a plant of some kind. It is important to keep it healthy through regular scheduling. The app Planta is ideal for this purpose.

Creating A Positive Mood

One of the main reasons why house plants are so appealing is the fact that they boost the moods of owners. Looking at plant life can be very beneficial for mental health. When writers are happy their creativity levels often increase. Therefore plants can be seen as a work tool.

There is a wide range of options as the plant market tailors to many different tastes. The author should consider what colours and shapes they like best. This will help them to find their ideal floral item.

Time Management

When a writer gets a publishing deal they will only have a finite amount of time get their work finished. This is why time management is so important. In the past the hectic nature of writing may have meant that these people were not able to look after a plant of their choice. Instead they would have settled for low maintenance ones such as cacti.

However, that has all changed. The Planta app reminds users when to water their plants. It also provides them with very helpful advice. Authors will already be very familiar with the importance of scheduling. It will be a part of their everyday work life. They should therefore appreciate the usefulness of Planta.

Stories About Plants

Other times the plant can have a more direct inspirational effect. The writer may utilise it within their stories. For example, it might be a metaphor or an important item to the plot. It could even come alive if the book belongs to the horror or science fiction genres. The only limitation is the imagination of the author.

Plants are particularly popular within the realm of fantasy. The Harry Potter series contains numerous examples of plants with magical properties. The iconic novel The Wizard of Oz features a memorable chapter where the characters are enchanted by poppies.

Growing Edible Plants

Ornamental plants are certainly big sellers. However, a large number of writers like their household items to have a practical use. If they grow edible fruits and vegetables it will provide a handy snack. They will not need to stop writing and go shopping. There are also economic benefits to these kinds of plants. Being self sufficient is ideal for writers who are still struggling at the start of their careers.