Writing Literature with an Augmentation Theme

When writers first start a new project, it is helpful to decide on a particular theme. Doing so will make the writing process much more manageable. There is an abundance of themes to choose from. Augmentation is undoubtedly a viable option.

In modern times women can often feel uncomfortable in their own skin. This may be due to the fact that they have an unflattering body shape. Their clothes could be ill-fitting as a result. When people do not like their own body, it can have a significant adverse effect on their emotional wellbeing. One solution is to utilise the breast augmentation services offered by Motiva. This company can help women to attain their dream body shape. Augmentation is not just suitable for real-life people. It can also be used as a narrative device during the journeys of fictional characters.

A Character Improving Themselves

In the real world, women strive to make themselves look as great as they feel. For this purpose, they can use https://motiva.health/ to gain expert medical advice. The writer may base their character on these kinds of women. The character could begin the story with a lack of body confidence. Over the course of the book, their arc may be based on their experiences with breast augmentation. This is ideal for writers who want a happy ending.

An Emotional Journey

Often the main aim of a writing project is to elicit an emotional response within the reader. There are plenty of techniques to achieve this goal. One is to introduce a character who people can relate to. Since many readers will understand the struggles of body confidence, the theme of augmentation will be instrumental. Over the course of the story, the emotional core could be the character’s physical and psychological transformation.

Graphic Novel Stories

Some writers prefer the comic book format rather than traditional prose. It allows them to visually show what is happening. Graphic novels of the modern era will often confront adult topics in exciting ways. Since stories of augmentation will describe the aesthetic changes of the character, being able to actually show them on the page may be appealing to writers. This option is perfect for those skilled in both storytelling and drawing.

Research Through Experience

Professional writers will often do extensive research on their subject before putting pen to paper. Some will have first-hand experience in augmentation either as patients or surgeons. There is a vast sub-genre of non-fiction focused on cosmetic procedures. If the writer knows a lot about the theme, it can also be translated into fiction. People who have always wanted to improve their image can have a Motiva procedure and then use that for writing inspiration.

Furnishing a Writer’s Room

Writing can be a difficult task for some people. No matter how hard they try, they just cannot manage to get their novel finished. Often the most significant factor will be the environment in which they write. The best authors tend to have their own writer’s room in which they can focus solely on their literature projects. It is vital that these spaces are furnished and decorated correctly. Some people may focus on wall designs, but this is just one aspect of interior design that needs to be considered. There are several others, including lighting, colour scheme and furniture.

Every writer is different. Therefore their own room should be filled with items that inspire their specific kind of creativity. In most cases, the best site to purchase these products from is Royal Design. Their catalogue is so extensive that there will likely be furnishings and décor that appeal to the majority of professional writers. When choosing the right ones, there are numerous things to bear in mind.

Stylish and Comfortable Furniture

The writer will be sitting at their chair and desk for extended periods of time. They should, therefore, both look and feel good enough for them. Any discomfort will be a major disruption to the creative flow. Writers may encounter numerous distractions as they try to work. However, an uncomfortable chair should not be one of them. There is plenty of choices when it comes to the RoyalDesign furniture catalogue. Regardless of what the person wants for their room, they will likely find something on the site that works for them.

The way that furniture is placed will also play a role. Some writers prefer to sit in the corner of a room. Others are more efficient when they are in the middle of the space. This should be taken into account when designing the interior.

The Right Kind of Lighting

Each author has their own preferences for the light brightness and shade of their room. It is a good idea to know the basics of the subject first. This will allow writers to understand all of the lighting options available to them. For example, some writers like pure white light, whereas others may prefer a yellow tint.

Sticking with a Colour Scheme

When deciding what items to fill the writer’s room with, it is a good idea to come up with a colour scheme. This should be referred back to constantly. By understanding colour theory, the designer will have a better chance of succeeding.


The budget will also play a significant role. There will only be a finite amount of funds available for the room project. Luckily Royal Design has plenty of affordable items to choose from. This will allow people to create a functional writing space without having to worry about going over budget.

Wall Designs to Inspire Creativity in Your Writing Space

Creative writing is a subjective pursuit and a skill you eternally polish on but often seems like a hurdle when starting. Many times you will struggle to get inspiration, whether you are writing an essay or a new novel.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Writing Space

The first step to stimulate your imagination is finding a creative writing space. But why do you need such a space? It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment with little or no spare room. Designing a creative room offers several advantages:

  • Keeping books organized instead of spreading them everywhere in the living room
  • It can be your natural retreat when you are feeling low
  • It encourages creativity
  • Gives household members a sense of responsibility
  • A perfect place to reduce screen time

Did you know that your study room décor can be your greatest source of insights? Here are some wall designs to consider if you want to add more inspiration to your creative writing.

A Library Wall Around Windows

What do you have around the window of your home library? Because writing and reading are inseparable, consider book-inspired gallery walls to adorn your creative room. A gallery of artwork around the windows is a great way to make your wall space usable where the ceiling is angled. Hang some picture frames with magazines you love to read. Keep them close to your desk so you can view them whenever you want to look something up for insights.


You have probably spent most of your time in the city. To jot down a creative article, it would help if you left the normal surroundings and find a quiet place in the countryside. While it may not be a practical idea all the time, you can add simple wallpapers featuring nature to your study room. Look for portraits with beautiful landscapes, insects, wildlife, marine life, or mountains. Nature designs can be a powerful source of creative energy during the days you are feeling a bit inattentive.

Musical Wall Art

Some writers shove speakers into the ears but they hardly indulge in the notes and tones of the music playing. But hanging music quotes, instrument drawings, or favorite musician photos on the wall can trigger the mind with new writing ideas. A written track from your childhood could bring back memories related to that music as if it is happening now. Thinking back to the earlier days fills the mind with raw emotions which you can reapply to your novel. Remember that captivating write-ups make the readers think by touching their emotions.

No matter the size of your writing space, there is always room to decorate. You can set it up in a way that resonates with your home interior. Just make sure you know the themes you need to be pinned to your walls. You can even cover all the walls with journals or come up with twists on how they write. Just looking at other people’s works could inspire you with a fresh idea.

Guide to Writing an Award Winning Memoir

In the writing world, memoirs hold a special place in capturing people’s attention. For you to write a beautiful memoir, you must first have a compelling story. Ask yourself why the story matters, and why you want to tell it. Unless you are a celebrity who is already well known, you may need to work hard to bring out your unique selling point.

Getting Started

To get started, you may want to read some of the best memoirs in history so that you can identify what made them stand out. This does not mean that you should copy their writing style and storyline. Read them for inspiration. From there, start formulating your story. Remember that the only thing that will make your memoir sell is being real and raw. If you find yourself editing out some facts from the memoir because you are not sure what other people will think, then you are probably not ready to write a memoir. You must write a story that resonates with people. There is a misconception that memoirs have to be about struggles. You can write about anything, as long as it is your story, and it has an impact on the people who will read it. Have a structure that you intend to follow, including the times you will dedicate to writing a paragraph or two at least every week.

Publishing the Memoir

If you have a good story, it might not be hard for you to find a publisher. You simply need to have a powerful pitch and excerpts that will catch the attention of potential publishers. The good news is that the digital world has opened up the possibility of self-publishing. Whichever route you decide to take, your story has to be solid. Do not wait to have the perfect story. Start writing now.

Wallpapers to Make Fall in Love With Your Reading Room Even More

Avid readers know the importance of a reading room. Those who own one are totally in love with it. Those who don’t are also in love with their imaginary reading room which they all believe they will own one day. Tell you what, you can make your reading room even more lovable by using lovely wallpapers to soup its appearance.

With quality wallpapers, you can transform your reading room to match the theme of whatever literature genre you love- Victorian era, horror, romance, fiction, non-fiction- name it. Family Wallpapers has an outstanding collection of lovely wallpaper for walls to suit such needs. The online shop, in their description, say that they aim to help people decorate their space regardless of their wallet size. That should be music to the ears of every book lover; the lot that believes the book stuff should take as big a portion of their budget as possible.

Custom Wallpapers for Readers

There is a huge variety of wallpapers to choose from on the site, but it is just as easy to find the one that suits you best. The site allows you to filter your designs easily into categories, such as colour, style (animal print, art, birds, clouds, floral, etc.), brand and price. This makes it easy to land what you are looking for in a pretty huge heap.

On top of that, you can have your own image printed for you! All you need to do is to upload the image on the Family Wallpaper website, specify dimensions, make your payments and voila! You will have your wallpaper or mural shipped to you in no time!

For booklovers, their reading space is their most personal space. It is only fair that their comfort shell is made as comfortable as possible. Custom wallpapers can play a great role in creating a book lover’s theme!

Making Young People Fall in Love with Literature

Getting young people to read literature in this digital age is one of the many challenges faced by parents. Young people these days prefer to have their faces glued to their electronic devices and quite honestly, not many of them cherish the idea of curling up with a good book like people did back in the day. If you are a parent who wishes their children would devour the beautiful words that make up literary books, the good news is that it is possible. Young people, including teenagers, can be made to fall in love with reading. If you are wondering how, then keep scrolling.

Start When They Are Young

Parents always make the mistake of assuming they will be able to quickly turn things around and introduce children to books at any age. It becomes progressively harder if they do not grow up in a reading culture. Start as soon as the child can comprehend basic stories, and then grow their interests as they get older. You should also read for them from

diverse sources of literature, so that they appreciate different cultures being developed.

Share Your Experience

As the children get older and you start introducing them to other works of literature, share your own experiences. Tell them about the books that you read when you were their age, and how those books shaped you. You can either give them some of the literary works that you read in the past or get them to choose some of the books that they want to read. Read some of the books together and have further discussions when you are done.

Embrace Technology

If the young people are not open to books in physical form, let them read e-books. There are many interesting books that can be accessed in digital platforms. As long as they are reading, that is what matters. Remind them of the benefits of reading literature, such as how it improves vocabulary and opens up new worlds.

Useful Tips to Read More Books

The University of Sussex conducted research in 2009, which proved that reading books can minimize stress by 68%. This means that it is an effective relaxation method that beats other ways, such as drinking hot tea. It is the perfect way to improve the quality of your life since it also makes you smarter.

You might face several challenges when meeting your reading goals. Examples include being distracted continuously and getting bored quickly. This, however, should not deter you from reading as many books as you can. The following tips could be handy.

Select Great Books

This is among the most essential things you should do to achieve your reading goals. Remember that you are not only choosing fantastic books but also those that you delight in reading. This is where your personal taste comes in. Which book genres do you like most? If you love fantasy books, choose the best ones you can find; it is the only way to enjoy yourself and read more.

Buy Necessary Equipment or Devices

Reading can be much easier if you have the right devices or equipment to motivate you. For instance, if you are forgetful, consider purchasing a smartwatch to remind you when it’s time to read.

You can also get a quality desk lamp to help you read late at night or when there is a power outage. Be cautious when selecting the lamp to avoid spending your money on a poor quality one. You can always visit royaldesign.com/us/ because they have a great selection of high-quality desk lamps.

Create a Great Reading Environment

It can be extremely challenging to read when you are in the wrong environment. Hence, create the right atmosphere for reading. Do away with distractions such as music and movies. You can also switch off your phone when you’re reading. It might also help if you are alone unless your company is also reading.

As you already know, reading books is a highly beneficial activity. Do it often during your leisure time. The tips above can help you and are worth considering.

How To Make Audiobooks More Interesting

Audiobooks are one of the trendy things in literature consumption right now. Originally meant to cater to people with eyesight problems, audiobooks have become a hit even among ardent readers with good eyesight. Some people, however, complain that narrations can get quite boring sometimes. Here are a few tips to keep readers interested in an audiobook.

Get a Great Narrator

The fact that one is a good author does not automatically transform them into great oral narrators. In the event that an author is not very good at telling their story orally, it is advisable to get an acclaimed narratorto do the narration. Audiobooks are not just about reading the words in the book but also about telling the story in a manner that gives the reader a visual.

Have Narration Breaks

The normal standard is to narrate a book non-stop from beginning to end. An audiobook creator who breaks from the norm will, thus, bring freshness to the game. Having short breaks where listeners can enjoy music that goes with the book’s theme can be a great way to deviate from the norm. For legal and ethical purposes, it is important to use no copyright background music if a creator decides to go down this road. Such breaks would help the listener to internalize the book in bits just like they would digest chapter after chapter. It can also be a chance to take a breath when listening to a book that they can’t put down.

Classic 20th Century Women’s Literature

The twentieth century was a fascinating era when female writers really came into their own, with the creation of classic literature that is still a must-read today. Here are some of the best from the first five decades of the century.

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1902)

Although initially published as a children’s novel, the story has captured hearts of all generations. It tells the story of a wealthy seven year old whose privileged life is turned upside down and leads to a life of hardship. Its popularity is such that it has been adapted into a movie six times and there are seven TV versions.

The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton (1913)

This story by the American novelist recounts the tale of a midwestern family who try to launch their daughter into New York society. Despite the central character having a less than likeable personality, with her greed always at the forefront of the story, the book is a fascinating study of conventionality and the boundaries of society. It is said to be the inspiration behind Downtown Abbey.

Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (1925)

This is one of Virginia Woolf’s most popular novels and is set in the post First World War era. Set in a single day of the eponymous title character, it delves into the past, before returning to the present at the culmination of an evening party. The themes of mental illness, sexuality and feminism were rarely discussed in the 1920s, and this book brought them out into the open.

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (1936)

This epic bestseller has sold over 30 million copies worldwide and was turned into a never to be forgotten romantic film in 1939. The story covers the spoiled young girl, Scarlett O’Hara, and her determination to leave poverty behind. This is the perfect read for when you have your imac refurbished and you can settle down and lose yourself for the evening.

Anne Frank; a Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank (1942)

Nobody can be failed to be moved by the real-life diary of the young girl who hid from the Nazis during the German occupation of the Netherlands. The diary begins on the first day of hiding and continues into the family is captured in August 1944. It has been translated into over 60 languages. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is now a popular tourist destination.

Writers today looking for inspiration should look no further than these varied novels, each bringing their own unique style to the world of literature. Female authors no longer have to hide their talents behind a male pseudonym, thanks to these pioneers of the twentieth century.

The Importance of Literature

Literature is offered to the world in many different ways. In its most common form, it is often considered to be a written work of art.

Literature in the Medical World

Anyone that knows anything about medicine is well aware that there have been volumes of literature, that have been used throughout the years for the betterment of the medical profession. Now, with the world rapidly experiencing growth in technology, other resources such as

https://www.kry.care/ are providing another valuable service to the world of medicine. There are strong indications that reading can have some direct benefits for the health. Not just because of the knowledge that written materials contain but because of the actions required to read the literature.

Literature Resources

For those that want to read literature on almost any topic, they can choose from plenty of resources that have been readily available for many years. A testament to this is the number of libraries that can be found around the world, as well as the never-ending list of authors that are constantly providing new reading material. Technology is changing the way that almost any age group can now access literature.

New Technology

When it comes to accessing literature, technology has opened up some new doors for this. One of these is the internet. Some have a fear that the internet is going to make publishing literary novels a thing of the past. Others believe that the internet is just promoting a new approach to the production, and dissemination, of literature.

The Importance of Literature for Children

Everyone knows the importance of literature for children as it is the resource that helps them to learn to read and write, but it goes beyond this. The proper selection of books can help a child build their character and learn from right and wrong. Books for children are written in different forms mostly dictated by the age of the reader. Even literature that is primarily made up of graphics has a powerful impact on the young ones.

Literature and Emotions

Another powerful impact that literature has on people is how it can affect their emotions. Quite often readers will make their choice of reading material based on their emotional state at the time. For example, there may be some that feel down in the dumps, so to give them a lift they will seek out comedy in their choice of books. Or there may be others that are looking for solutions, and for them, they will want to seek out self-help books or literature that is uplifting and supportive.

With the technology that is available for the delivery of writing today, such as e-readers, it does mean making some adaptations to the way that is literature is used in a modern society.